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Hogwarts Legacy New Gameplay Showcase Announced for this Week

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Game developer Avalanche Software has announced a Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase for later this week. The showcase will feature a sneak peek of the game’s gameplay, including broom flight, combat, and more.

The Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase will take place on December 14, starting at 10 a.m. PT. The showcase will stream live on the Hogwarts Legacy YouTube account and the developer’s official Twitch channel. A few team members will also be participating in the live stream. 

They include the community manager, game director, systems designer, and a community guest host. Guest host Benjamin Show will host the showcase. Avalanche Software confirmed that the event would have a glimpse at broom flight and traversal, enhanced combat, and the Room of Requirement. 

The showcase comes just a few months before the game’s release in February. According to the game’s Youtube description, the live stream will feature a fresh look at the broom flight, traversal system, and advanced fighting. Additionally, the showcase will introduce the “Room of Requirement.” We already know that Quidditch will not be available in Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, we can only wait to see how the game will handle broom flight. 

Broom flight techniques will enable players to fly between areas and explore the world in a completely new way. Thanks to advanced fighting, players will learn more about the various kinds of spells accessible in the game. We will also see how the mechanism functions since the Room of Requirement is meant to serve as the player’s headquarters.

Hogwarts Legacy has elicited much interest and anticipation among players since the developers first announced the game. The game has received numerous trailers, ASMR videos, and social media updates. Additionally, the developer has hosted longer gameplay live streams in the years, giving us a look at the game. 

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

Hogwarts Legacy will release on  February 10, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. A Switch edition of the game is also in development. 

What is your take?  Do you look forward to the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase later this week? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below. 

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