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5 Best Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Best Easter Eggs in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel recently launched Midnight Suns, a tactical RPG game that features a grand roster of superheroes from the franchise’s comic book series. Developed by Fixaris, the game has plenty in store, including a compelling storyline that builds on family and friendship. However, an element that is pretty easy to miss is the iconic MCU building blocks; the Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs have always been an intricate addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For fans of the franchise, the eggs seamlessly call for a chance to rewatch or replay the episode to unveil the camouflaged beauties. Well, these are not your typical easter bunny eggs. The eggs are references to characters, phrases, or places that exist in other Marvel series or books. It can also include a feature based on comic books and their creators. 

So, now that you know what Easter eggs are, it is time to test how much of a Marvel fan you are. Let’s explore the five best Easter eggs in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

5. The Sanctum Design

The Sanctum Santorum is home to Dr. Strange and also one of the three base locations for the Masters of the Mystic Arts. The edifice is under the protection of Stephen Strange and Wong and is located in Greenwich Village. The Sanctum’s design in the comic series greatly varies from what we see in the movies. It has been featured in many Marvel movies, including Spiderman: No Way Age of the Gods slot, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and many more.

The distinct construction and architecture of the building retain their similarity in all the motion pictures. Similarly, in Midnight Sun, the Sanctum deviates from the comic illustrations and sticks to what is presented in the movies. This is one Easter egg you can’t afford to miss in the game. The design choice corroborates with the previous versions, and you can’t help but think of it as Dr. Strange’s home.

4. Casting of Spells and Post Credit Scenes

Best Easter Eggs in Marvel's Midnight Suns

An MCU game won’t be complete without a fine lineup of spells to vanquish enemies. In Midnight Suns, there’s plenty of familiarity with how the spells are cast and their names. For instance, Dr. Strange’s orb of magic, which presents as he’s casting a spell, has a distinct orange and yellow effect on screen. Similarly, his movie character is portrayed as having an orb of the same color palette, including the physical symbols as witnessed in the MCU.

Moreover, the names of the spells bear plenty of similarities. You might hear of the Astral Meditation, Winds of Watoomb, Blessing Of The Vishanti, and the Crimson Band of Cyttorak. These names pay tribute to the enchantments mentioned in the MCU. 

Additionally, Midnight Suns live up to the MCU legacy of featuring a hype-building post-credits sequence. The post-credits are an ideal way of hinting at a sequel by giving continuation to the narrative. Unlike other sequences that introduce new characters, the game’s final scene brings back a familiar character. Throughout the game, Doom’s name is mentioned and a book is presented bearing his name as the author, Dr. Doom. In the post-credit scene, after the final defeat of Chthon, the Drakhorld is thwarted onto a pile of rubble. Soon after, Doom reaches for it with his gauntlet and lets out an evil laugh with one final word, “amateurs.”

3. Character Appearances and Costumes

Easter eggs in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Developers will always try to present their enthusiasts with a familiar character appearance based on the franchise. In Midnight Suns, Dr. Stephen Strange’s face has the same construct as Benedict Cumberbatch’s in his action/adventure movies. Similarly, Spiderman resembles an animated version of Tom Holland. 

Character looks are an interesting Easter egg to look out for. More often than not, demo pragmatic will borrow concepts from notable actors to avoid audience confusion and keep up with the hero’s legendary look. Be sure to look out for other characters bearing unique features from actors.

Character costumes and skin in Marvel video demo pragmatic nod to the appearance embraced in the movies rather than the comic series. This is highly evident in Midnight Suns, with Spider-Man having extra mystical arms. It is an adaptation of the Iron Spider alteration in films. Moreover, Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor appears more visible as it is closer to the screen. You will also notice that Captain America’s shield design has the same star and circles as seen in movies. Such nods are easy to spot, and hardcore fans won’t have a problem tracing them with the first viewing. 

2. The Return of Nico Minoru

One of the best Easter eggs in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is Nico Minoru’s return.  Nico Minoru is a playable character and the main protagonist of Midnight Suns. Also known as Sister Grimm, the formidable character returns, having been featured as a superhero in the Runaways comics. 

Lyrica Okano voices her role in the game. In doing so, she reprises her role from Runaways. If you’re a die-hard of the franchise, it will take two shakes of a lamb’s tail to recognize the familiar voice. 

1. Moon Knight

Best Easter Eggs in Marvel's Midnight Suns

After making a debut on the hit show Moon Knight on Disney+, the iconic superhero makes an appearance on Midnight Suns, which is pretty easy to miss. During the game’s first hours, a battle ensues between Venom and the HYDRA in the streets of New York. If you look closely at the environment, you’ll notice advertisements at the Mid-Manhattan Museum for a Khonshu exhibit. The advert describes Khonshu as the “moon god of ancient Egypt.” 

Although Khonshu is an iconic god in Egyptian mythology, it is safe to assume that this is a nod to Moon Knight. More so since the game takes place in the Marvel Universe. This is an intriguing way for Midnight Suns to pay homage to the deity after his successful debut early this year. 

And there you have it, our five best Easter eggs in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Which Easter egg will you be looking out for? Are there any others that need to grace our list? be sure to let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.

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